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Grandjete, is one of the dance style of ballet, dancers will form a parabola in the mid-air when they are jumping, it can create a feeling that is dancers are solid in the mid-air. If we say ballet has always been a beauty of mechanics, the behind of elegant is a endless exploration of human body limits, then Yuki Ogawa’s handmade brand “Grandjete”, must be a beauty of livelihood. In her hands, colorful fabrics are up and down, it seemed that the cloth are dancing ballet for us. She put her love of art and hope of her daughter’s ballet career to her art works.


Yuki born in Tokyo,Japan, her mother is a patchwork artists. in her growing up, she always surrounded by different types of fabric, her mother is affect her many. Yuki had learning drawing in her childhood and she had studied painting when she is in university, after her graduation she had launched some painting exhibition. she attracted from fabric and started her fabric creation after she had her first child. Being a mother, she only have less time to do creation, she call her spare time “patchwork time”, she use “cut” and “paste” to do her creation. After cooking breakfast she willstart to cut the fabric, after tidy up the room it will be her sewing time and she will do patchwork when she finished wash the clothes. The desire and passion of create is make Yuki life full.


(Fabric, bead and chiffon are wonted materials for Yuki creation. No matter the fabric is in what color, pattern and texture both can do the restructuring and the expression is very diverse. Yuki favourite fabrics are some high-quality linen and a fabric which is specialized to make dress. These fabrics are full of unique design, it can let her art works to be more fun and interesting. “When I am using linen, my works will always form a unexpectedly and special sharp, so I like to use various linen, including some materials that are look like linen, all are very attractive to me.”


Yuki is a high yield artists, for example: she can sew 100 bird brooch in one time. The theme is same but every role is different. Even sewing 100 birds brooch, but every birds are unique and different. When she sewing every dolls, she will imagine their personality and story. She endow a new life for her fabrics, full of interesting details.


Colour is the most important inspiration of Yuki creation. Before she determine the structure of her art work, colorful color will flashing in her mind. After imagined is observed, she will put the fabric on the floor, then she will squint her eyes and observed in a far distance, after that she will start to match the color until she got a perfect and desire output. This patient and careful, make Yuki art work is colorful but not too over, sweet and pure. In her works, didn’t have a fixed theme, also didn’t have any definition of art, but it is relate to our daily life, revealing intimate and warm. The words of children, view of street and scenery of sunset…… All the things in daily can be the inspiration, especially from people who are around you, can get a lot inspiration.

Yuki never received any professional training of sewing, when she do the creation is like cooking without recipes, every stitches are following her heart, enjoying the most original joy and fun. Yuki most want to share with everyone is, a playful mind between art and hand made, treat the creative process to be playing time, not only the pursuit of virtuosity . “I don’t have any depth thinking and planning when I am selected the theme, I always think about how to make people happy and smile when they are touching my products.” This simple has capture the shinning from Yuki heart, use fabric and cloth to carry. A detailed and fine pin is upside down, seemed like the trajectory of ballet, has a graceful and elegant gesture.)


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