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Little Thing magazine No.26 "Mr.Postman"

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In the period of Vitoria, wrote a love letter to express feelings of love sweetheart not only respected in britain. Some small towns and villages have their own post office in early nineteenth Century, they can send a penny to price's Day cards, so Valentine's cards are widely used and popular. Most of the cards are exquisite workmanship, now looks very stylish.


Beautiful small things

The global fashion magazine, makes us feel a new creative wind from Asia.

Full of unique girly feelings fills Little Thing, a new global fashion magazine.
Based on the philosophy "Beautiful small thing", the magazine is produced by creators from all over the world, with features of elaborate editorial designs and creative fashion shootings .

"Now, super girly magazine have captivated the young women in Asia." - HITSPAPER

"This is like a book to convey compassion and " love. The "pop-up card in the magazine", using the eco-paper, were designed carefully to express artistic fashion shootings and creative editing and original interviews. It is because I want you to feel the love.

We are supporting and educating independent creativities, to promote the philosophy, "Small is beautiful". Through Little Thing, I want to find mutual friends. " - Jason, representative of Little Thing

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